Khloe and Lamar Got Me Thinking. What If Your Ex Is in Charge of Your Medical care?

Scary thought. Is your Ex still in charge of your medical care? Can your estranged spouse pull the plug?


First of all, right off the top, I have to say, I’m not a Kardashian fan. In fact I kinda hate everything they stand for. I wish they’d all stop talking, leave us alone, and move far, far away. (Like that’s gonna happen.)

But this reality show drama of Lamar Odom’s drug overdose and collapse got me thinking about me and my own pitiful little divorce.

What would happen if I lost consciousness and my ex was put in charge of my medical care?

I’m an anxious hypochondriac so that’s how my mind works.

Granted, I don’t think that I’m ever gonna be found collapsed on the floor of a brothel in Nevada after spending 75 large on hookers. I think I’m pretty safe there. But this whole mess did give me pause.

Who’s in charge of your medical care if you are separated but don’t have a finalized divorce?

Who calls the shots for your care?

Who decides to withhold life support?

Can my ex pull the plug?

All joking aside, my estranged husband is a good person. I’m sure he’d try his best. But what if that best meant a lot of medical costs for him? Would he look for a lower cost arrangement? Cut some corners?

Could he ship me off to Tijuana for some cut rate care?

The news on this high profile separation makes me want to call my divorce attorney and find out all the details. What can you really do? Can I appoint a friend to make decisions instead of my ex?

If you are separated, what do you do if your ex is in charge of your medical care? Have you made other arrangements in case of a crisis?

If I’m just being totally paranoid? Tell me!

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